Québec Gold


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Quebec Gold, a staple strain of the Quebec region, is a potent hybrid cross between M-39and Freezeland. This strain has garnered such an exceptional reputation that nameless strains sold in the area are often falsely dubbed Quebec Gold. Subtle citrus and lemon fragrances preface the powerful psychoactive blast to come, a full-body daze that may last a few hours for the unaccustomed. Euphoric and uplifting, Quebec Gold is often chosen by patients treating depression, stress, fatigue, and other mood-deteriorating symptoms.

There’s some confusion about the use of the name “Quebec Gold.” Technically it refers only to this strain, but it’s often used to describe a wide range of similarly potent strains out of Quebec. This one, the real thing, is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an unknown ratio of sativa to indica. The strong, psychoactive high follows those sativa leanings, with calming yet focused effects that include an intense dose of euphoria, mental clarity, and a boost of happiness. It also delivers a powerful case of the munchies, ideal for treating eating and wasting disorders. Quebec Gold can be a good choice for medicating anxiety, depression, eye pressure, headaches, and everyday stress. THC is abundant in this strain, topping at least 18% in available tests. But CBD levels are far lower, far too low to recommend this strain as a good medicine for seizures or other conditions that respond to that substance. Quebec Gold produces a smell of citrus and lemon, while the flavor also includes notes of pine. As far as side effects go, dry mouth and red eyes are widely reported. This strain used to be very popular, but its time has largely passed; these days it’s hard to find anywhere outside Canada.

5 reviews for Québec Gold

  1. Brian

    Great bud. Smoked a bowl and in seconds relaxed. Very pleasant smell. I don’t like loud herb. The taste was sweet to me. Would smoke it again

  2. Lendy

    This hybrid showed strong indica influences and it really makes you focus. Great to smoke and watch movies and shit

  3. BG

    by far hands down best strain ive ever smoke. ive never smoked a strain that got me high quicker than this one. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  4. Alain

    “Best High I have ever had.. hands down! I’ve looked for this a long time ago and couldn’t find it. Until now, I highly recommend this if you are looking to go somewhere through music and space. Amazing”

  5. Tein

    Tastes like lemon shortbread cookies! So yummy. Really helped calm me down from a manic episode where I woke up at 2:43 and couldn’t sleep all night, but it did keep me calmer than without.

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