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Girl Scout Cookies Buds


Girl Scout Cookies also known as GSC is an award winning strain from California. This hybrid offers a cerebral effect unlike any other strain on the market which led to its popularity spreading around the globe. Girl Scout Cookies offers great relief from nausea and pain while providing appetite stimulating effects which makes it great for those who are undergoing Chemotherapy treatment for cancer. With GSC being the result of crossing Durban Poison and OG Kush genetics it offers a very balanced body buzz accompanied by a mind blowing head euphoria. The popularity of this strain along with its incredible effects has led to many different GSC phenotypes arising in the cannabis scene over the past few years, such as Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint.

Parents: Durban Poison, OG Kush
Similar to: Red Dragon, Space Queen, Premium Jack
Flavors: Sweet, Pungent, Earthy
Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Creative, Euphoric
Medical: Loss of Appetite, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Stress, Anxiety
Potency: 17-28% THC

Getting your hands on Girl Scout cookies is now even easier thanks to an online ordering option.

Yes, you heard that right! Rather than trying to track down the parent of a Girl Scout or roaming around your community centers looking for those ubiquitous tables, you can now buy boxes upon boxes of the tasty cookies from the comfort of your own home, according to Hello Giggles. It’s all thanks to the Digital Cookie platform. Launched in 2015, this program offers young girls the chance to develop e-commerce and digital marketing experience, so that they can grow up to be world-conquering moguls, all while providing customers with ease and convenience. This unique opportunity allows girls to customize their own sale website and send out personalized links to customers so that they can track their success, Bustle reports.

Order as much as you’d like and then select whether you’d like to have your order shipped to your door or delivered by a Girl Scout. It should be noted that online ordering through the Digital Cookie platform is only available if you have a link from a Girl Scout or her parent. Even if you don’t know a scout in your area you can still use the online Find Cookies! tool or the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to see when and where local troops will be selling.

18 reviews for GIRL SCOUT COOKIES

  1. John Brooks

    Impressively well balanced strain that looks amazing and has dense buds. Productive high that was both mellow and energetic, but maybe too cerebral to go out and about. Great service as always, I tried the priority shipping on this one : ordered late Wednesday PM, shipped Thursday, received on Friday morning.

  2. erik_maki

    Amazing strain! Really enjoyed it. Sweet smell to it… You won’t be disappointed with this one.

  3. 1beaumond

    so far this has been my favourite of HTD selections .. great, long lasting buzz for daytime recreation and fabulous at night for sleeping

  4. Stephanie

    Second order from you wonderful folks , It arrived really quick ( Southern Ontario ) . GSC has a fantastic aroma it made my mouth water not kidding 🙂 really nice flowers with a great colour very sticky and covered with trichromes . This experiance is going to a wild one I thought to myself , it sure was the sweet taste is smooth and rich and was easy on the throat and lungs with an imediate buzz that just kept getting better as time went on , this is a great strain and I’m very happy with everything about the experiance ,
    Thanks again to Ron and the team for great service and another awesome experiance !

  5. Elmond

    Some of the best smoke I have ever weeded

  6. Caroline mayo

    Amazing stuff also looks amazing in the sun able to focus without being stressed out

  7. chevs20

    My new favorite. Had this amazing fruity smell.. which reminded me of berries.. didnt really have a fruity taste.. it was a great smooth smoke. Will def get my hands on some more Girl Scout Cookies!!

  8. Bruce

    GSC is one helluva strain!!! Smooth potent smoke. A few tokes was all I could handle. WOW!!! Passed some on to a few friends and they love it. Took only 2 days arrival time. Thanks again

  9. Eric McCathie

    One of the best I’ve ever smoked!.. Smooth and tastes like the old school Kush I remember from years ago!.. will definitely be getting more in the future!.. Thanks HTD!.. You guys rock!

  10. Bruce Letchford

    THE BEST STRAIN I HAVE EVER ORDERED!! As a mostly strict sativa user, this hybrid gives you the best of both strains – great body and mind high. Felt very relaxed and happy. Not as much energy increase but a little goes a long way with this strain – would order this strain every time!!!

  11. Erick

    very smooth. not harsh on the lungs. bud was cured perfectly. would def purchase again

  12. Alexsandro Loughrin

    Very good strain,tasty I find it very good

  13. Charlotte stockford

    Great strain for a AAA grade ! clearly one of the best, i love it !
    I love buying from this site.. really, there’s no bad stuff in here, just amazingly grown and well taken care of weed. Love it, i don’t want to buy from other places !

  14. Alex S.

    Nice buds great price and solid buzz, would recommend

  15. Goodman

    all around is one of the best ive smoked from here it is just an amazing high great taste and very well good for pain management definetly a five star weed for sure love this strain

  16. sweetcryssy

    Finally some real girl scout cookies. Nice job. Taste and hits nicely. Looks good to

  17. Terrence

    Love it, great taste and high. Will definitely order again. Fast great service as always

  18. Kevin Phillips

    GSC was new to me until yesterday, very nice this is one of those that I will be ordering again
    Great service and unmatched quality as usual

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